The Mofid School brand is nearly 40 years old, when the founders of the Maktab Amir al-Mumenin charity, with the focus of Mr. Ayatollah Mousavi Ardebili, intended to establish a school with the aim of spreading the culture of Islam. The school started working with a middle school in 1972 near Enghelab Square. After a while, it was moved to Zanjan Street with the establishment of a high school. After more than two decades, Mofid high school and guidance school were established in 1992 and 1997 in Gheytarieh area of Tehran, on Kaveh Boulevard. The third branch of Mofid High School, with a tendency to humanities in addition to mathematics and physics, was launched in 2004 around Vanak Square. After a while, due to the sense of necessity and importance of primary schools, the Mofid preschool and primary school unit started its activities in Shariati Street in 2009. Since 2011, two preschools and boys’ primary schools have begone their work, one in District 2 of Tehran and the other in Qom. Also, primary school and high school for girls were established this year. Qom high school was established in 2013 and Qom secondary school in 2019. Mofid Educational Complex will welcome your children with five preschools and primary schools, five first-grade high schools and four second-grade high schools.

Ayatollah Mousavi Ardebil talks about the Mofid:


During the Period of Taghout )before Iranian Revolution), we were in Qom. We felt that scientific fields should be closer to society day by day and not be in their locks. We have come to the conclusion that propagation of religion, traditionally, no longer works. We had to come in new ways. In Tehran, the unfinished  mosque was on Nosrat Street. We started our activities in that mosque. To achieve the goals, we were thinking about setting up a college. Then we realized we had to start at the base. We were thinking about building schools. We went to Mr. Roozbeh, may God have mercy on him. We talked to him. He helped us think. Near the University of Tehran, we had a building. Mr. Roozbeh came and saw the place. We built useful schools in the same building. When we made Mofid, we had problems. We had little money. Sometimes I worked there with the workers myself. Our friends used to come from the mosque and work there.

Mofid Administration

Mofid was administered in a certain style. From the beginning, I thought that healthy people would study there. The manager is safe there. Teachers are healthy. Even the school servant must be healthy. God has sent a bunch of good men to our aid. ٓ toiled in useful. Now, thanks God, has a few thousand graduates. These are mostly useful, servant, beneficial and pious people wherever they are, in every discipline they have studied. If God were to ask me on the Day of Resurrection, We would have given you so much life, we would have given you the facilities, we would have given you good fortune, what did you do with them? Whatever I think, I am empty-handed. The only thing that is promising to me is the Mofid schools and Mofid university.


*این متن توسط دانش آموز اکبری (دوره 8) و به مناسبت گرامیداشت هفته مفید در کلاس زبان انگلیسی ترجمه و تولید شده است.