Mofid Gholhak High School started it’s work in June 2013, in line with the policy of developing and completing the Mofid School Complex in District 3, as well as responding to the demands of the volunteers studying in this complex.

Due to the history of the useful educational set and special emphasis on cultivating different aspects of human existence (physical and motor-psychological-spiritual-social) Mofid Gholhak from the very beginning tried to make students exposed to various learning experiences, Stay away from destructive and deadly stress and anxiety. The most important thing in achieving this is to avoid creating competition and comparison and recognizing individual differences in school. We will pursue the creation of a lively and happy environment and an environment in which learning is based on inner motivations.

In Islamic education, abstaining from looking at Islam only as a ritual is one of the categories that is considered useful in Gholhak school and considers piety in presence as superior to piety in abstaining and informing and encouraging students to perform religious duties away from compulsion. We know our values and we consider it important to pay attention to ethics along with the rules.

Physical education and art are very important subject in the curriculum of Gholhak school and we consider the right of choice in the tendency of these courses for students. We work on basketball, table tennis, martial arts, as well as swimming instruction in the seventh grade, among other disciplines. In swimming, up to 50% of students usually succeed in obtaining a student lifeguard certificate from the federation.

The disciplines covered in art classes are: wood and mosaic work, photography, digital art, painting, drawing and theater.

Also, attention to the field of astronomy and game design, biological wonders, computer programming are among the topics that students will be able to participate in the school scientific assembly by their choice and according to their interests, talents and qualifications to attend these classes. In order to create a reflective atmosphere, Philosophy for Children subject are also part of the school curriculum.

Assessment and school approach is the avoidance of pure scoring, and students are assessed in an interactive environment using the Portfolio tool as well as descriptive assessment.The importance of the subject of evaluation is considered because it creates and influences educational policies and strategies for learning and teaching. Therefore, the descriptive and qualitative evaluation and its tools mentioned in the school in creating an environment with reflection-based education that helps to be away from competition, comparison and stress and makes in-depth training possible.

All mentioned activites are only a part of the school’s program and in areas such as family, human resource, communication and educational spaces are based on the document of the Mofid Educational shcooProgram.

The mentioned cases are all in line with turning the school into an environment for living and in the name of the School of Life.

Good Luck


*این متن توسط دانش آموز شیخ‌الاسلام (دوره 8) و به مناسبت گرامیداشت هفته مفید در کلاس زبان انگلیسی ترجمه و تولید شده است.